How To Participate

Welcome to FlyFred Drops, an all exclusive private retail drop for your favourite streetwear and limited sneakers, all for retail.

To participate in these drops, a FlyFred Cook Group Membership is required this can be purchased here.

Not only does this give you access to FlyFred Drops you will also gain:

FlyFred Drops
Sneaker release information
Live alerts on releases
Early links & raffle bots
Sneaker Investments
Backdoor / early pairs
Drop/Investment analysis
Backdoor / Early pairs
Brick Flipping / Funko
Exclusive Sports Cards Investments
Exclusive Pokémon Investments

Exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh Investments
Exclusive Miscellaneous Investments

Exclusive Group Buys & Giveaways
Free Slot Entries
Exclusive Chef Chat & Live Cop Channels
Free Bot Training & Tutorials Channel

Create a FlyFred Drop Account here and sign up with the email you used for the FlyFred Cook Group, if you have forgotten this email go to #make-a-ticket channel in the discord and we will send a reminder.

All our services are hosted via a discord server, join here.